Does your little one regularly drink a sugary nutrition supplement? Maybe you don’t realize, but take a peek at the ingredients. You’ll likely be surprised at what you find. While nutrition supplements are necessary for many kids, several brands include a lot of sugar that little bodies don’t need. If you’re seeing too much sugar on your supplement’s label, consider transitioning to Healthy Height. With only 3g sugar per serving, Healthy Height is a nutrition supplement that gives kids the protein, vitamins, and minerals they need, without all that added sugar.

Now you may be thinking, “that sounds great, but my child never accepts anything new”. This is really common. Many children who need nutrition supplements also tend to be sensitive to changes in flavor, texture, appearance, and routine. Transitions like these can be daunting for caregivers and after the first no, for many, it’s easier to stick with what works. I’m here today to tell you, don’t despair. Using a simple feeding therapy technique, we can help your kids adjust to a new, healthier nutrition supplement without added stress and frustration.

When transitioning from a high sugar nutrition supplement to the lower sugar option, Healthy Height, I encourage you to use Food Chaining.

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