The first week of school is in the books. You spent hours stressing over what to add to your little one’s lunch box to keep him full and energized through the long school day, but your baby arrives home with uneaten meals and a hungry belly. What do you do?

Families across the country struggle to feed their little ones at home, so it’s not surprising that sending them into school to navigate lunchtime on their own brings a lot of stress and anxiety.

This week I’m here with Healthy Height to help. Making simple changes at home can lead to more lunchtime success at school.

Six simple ways to take the stress out of school lunch:

  1. Practice: Heading into the busy school cafeteria with a new lunch box full of unexpected food can be a challenge for even the most adventurous eater. Practicing mealtime at home can help your child become more comfortable and ready to take lunchtime head on. Start this weekend. On Saturday, pack your child’s lunch box as you would on a typical school day, and set up a “practice” lunch. Hand your child the complete lunch box, fully packed, and enjoy your lunch alongside him at home or on a picnic in the community. Let him open the box on his own, take out the food, and work through the box independently. Give words of encouragement and positive feedback along the way.

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