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Your Food Chaining Planning Guide

As mentioned in my post last month, food chaining is one of the best strategies to help expand your little one’s diet. It works wonders for picky eaters and children with more significant feeding challenges. So… where and how do we begin? First, if you have the opportunity, read the book: Food Chaining: The Proven 6-Step Plan to […]

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Choosing the Right Spoon for your Baby

With so many spoons on the market, it can be difficult to decide which to start with and what to use as your little one grows. Follow these guidelines to help choose a spoon based on your baby’s development, and a few of my favorites for his or her first 18 months. 6 months, early spoon-feeding: Look for […]

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Expanding Your Child’s Diet Though Food Chaining

Food Chaining is an awesome feeding strategy that works to expand a child’s diet by offering foods similar in flavor, texture and appearance to his or her preferred foods. When food chaining, we work with a child’s flavor and texture preferences and chain foods together to work toward goal foods. By offering foods only slightly […]

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