Meet Milton

Meet MILTON! This adorable mealtime companion encourages healthy, courageous eating and makes mealtime fun!

Milton was created by two amazing Chicago dads who have backgrounds in product design and development, and wanted to build a product to help children like their own. When they asked me to join their team, I couldn’t have been more excited. This is an amazing product! As Milton’s resident feeding expert, I co-authored the Meet Milton book and helped develop practical uses for Milton in therapy and everyday life.

Keegan and Liam were my first guinea pigs with Milton. Within Milton’s first week at our house, Keegan had taken bites of cucumber (a very challenging food for him at that point) and Liam started to practice finger feeding skills. I was amazed at the joy he brought to a sometimes chaotic mealtime in our house.

The feedback we’ve received from customers has been the best part about working on Team Milton. Countless mothers, fathers, and feeding therapists have reported huge success with Milton involved at mealtime. Kids are eating larger meals, trying new foods, enjoying mealtime, and smiling more with this new friend around. My favorite quote came from Kelly Q. Anderson’s article in Chicago Parent “Using Milton not only changed the tone of meal time (from stressful to playful) but it gave my child an outlet for channeling his food fears.”

Making a differences matters to me, and even in these first few months since launch, Milton has done just that!

For more information, and to purchase your own Milton, head to Be sure to check to #mealswithmilton to take a peek at Milton in action all over the US!


– Catherine Callahan, M.S., CCC-SLP, CLC