A variety of services are offered to provide feeding support for children and their families.

In-home or telemedicine direct services are offered for Illinois residents. If you live out of state or country, 30 minute 1:1 Virtual Feeding Consults are offered to discuss feeding concerns and support minor feeding challenges.

All services are private pay only. Payment is required before the start of the session. Superbill for insurance reimbursement will be provided for all in-home and telemedicine sessions.

1:1 Virtual Feeding Consult

If you live outside of Illinois or the US, schedule a 30-minute 1:1 Virtual Feeding Consult. During this visit, we will discuss your feeding concerns, talk through the developmental feeding progression, and review activities to help aid minor feeding challenges.

Investment: $100

In-Home Feeding Evaluation

If you live in the Chicagoland area, schedule a one-on-one, in-home clinical feeding evaluation. 60 minute visit will include:

  • Review of medical and feeding history
  • Oral sensory-motor assessment
  • Feeding/mealtime observation
  • Assessment of swallow safety
  • Comprehensive recommendations, including: feeding plan, diet suggestions, strategies to advance, and recommendations for ongoing treatment

Investment: $250

Telemedicine Feeding Evaluation

If you live in Illinois, and prefer to be seen via Telemedicine, schedule a Video Feeding Evaluation. 60 minute session will include:

  • Review of medical and feeding history
  • Observation of feeding via secure telemedicine portal
  • Comprehensive list of recommendations, including: current feeding plan, diet suggestions, strategies to advance, and recommendations for ongoing treatment

Investment: $200

Virtual Feeding Webinar

Join Catherine Callahan and Tracy Littlefield, both Speech-Language Pathologists, Feeding Therapists, and Certified Lactation Counselors for a 60 minutes live webinar, “Intro to Solids: Feeding your 6-12 Month Baby”. During this class, we’ll teach:

  • How to prepare your baby for solids
  • Readiness cues
  • How to use both baby led weaning and spoon feeding methods
  • How to help your baby learn to chew
  • How to introduce cup and straw drinking
  • How to troubleshoot common challenges
  • The final 15-20 minutes of each class will be spent answering individual feeding questions. This is a great opportunity to learn directly from the professionals, and meet other families who are starting solids too.

Investment $25

Disclaimer: While we are licensed speech-language pathologists uniquely qualified to assist you and your child with feeding, it is crucial that you understand that both 1:1 Feeding Consults and Feeding Webinars are a wellness service, meant to empower and educate you, and help guide you through very minor challenges with feeding. These 1:1 consults are NOT a speech or feeding service, even though we are speech language pathologists. They are not intended to evaluate or diagnose your child, and should never replace medical advice provided by healthcare professionals providing care to your child.

If you have concerns about your child’s feeding skills, we recommend you seek out an in-person or telemedicine evaluation and treatment by an in-state/country provider. If you continue with booking a virtual 1:1 consult, it is implied that you understand and agree with this information.